Ai Futaki likes to define herself as the "messenger of the Sea”. She is an ambassador for the ocean for the Ministry of the Environment of Japan and a double apnea world champion. She is also an underwater photographer and uses her sensitivity and passion for the sea to explore the diversity of the oceans and emphasize the connection between humans and water.

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Through her mindful perspective, we join her in celebrating World Oceans Day 2022, "The Emergen(sea)"

We traveled to Miyakojima Island off the coast of Japan to showcase the real condition of our seas. At first glance, the island is incredibly beautiful, but as we get closer, we observe that its beaches are completely inundated with plastic.

Discover our campaign The Emergean(sea)

With just a pair of fins, we dive to the bottom of the ocean with her and witness the effects of climate change and our own actions.

As temperatures continue to rise, corals lose their colors, and 50% of coral reefs are destroyed. To protect our oceans, we need to find a balance between our needs and those of the planet.